Перевозки наливных продуктов в танк контейнерах, международное экспедирование и профессиональная логистика


TransChlor Company provides a full range of professional services in the field of international transportation with a focus on  liquid bulk and dangerous cargoes.
ThansChlor Company has its own fleets of tank containers (STC – specialized tank containers) and truck fleet.

Our Services

TransChlor Company is a professional carrier and multimodal frieght forwarder of cargo containers. We operate our own fleets of tank containers and truck fleets and we have a direct contract with the Russian Railways Company (RZhD). All these factors allow us to provide the most beneficial logistics rate for our clients.

Tank Containers

TransChlor Company operates its own fleet of tank containers, certified and suitable for transportation of products of various dangerous classes.  
Our clients appreciate the advantages of this type of transportation comparing to any other type.