Tank Containers

Tank Containers

TransChlor Company operates its own fleet of tank containers, certified and suitable for transportation of products of various dangerous classes.  
Our clients appreciate the advantages of this type of transportation comparing to any other type.

A tank container is a type of intermodal container for transporting liquids, bulk and gaseous substances. The concept of a tank container was designed by Bob Fossey, an engineer from London, in 1964.

ISO Tank container
A Reach Stacker is carrying a tank container

Like any other freight containers, tank containers are built according to ISO standards (ISO 6346). In fact, a tank container is a cylinder of steel enclosed in a 20-foot container frame. Volume of tanks varies from 14,000 liters to 27,000 liters (and more), depending on the characteristics of the planned transport of cargo, mainly on the density and the risk of cargo.

TransChlor Company owns its own fleet of tank containers, and also as a professional logistics operator, arranges transportation in tank containers of the customer

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